Buy electric fence accessories at AVS and you can be sure you have everything you need for both your new electric fence and to replace or upgrade parts of your existing set up.

You may need a few of the accessories such as earth posts or batteries, or some accessories can simply be used to optimise your fence and give it more stability, more power and a longer life.

Here you will find our comprehensive range of electric fence accessories including battery lead and clips which connect your energiser to the fence battery using large crocodile clips. Our earth and live lead set is great value for money, our easy way strainers are essential for keeping the wire of your electric fence tight. Insulator spinners make screwing in insulators quick and easy.

When browsing our electric fence accessories section don't forget to pick up your warning signs which are a legal requirement when constructing your electric fence. These signs must be erected at the beginning and end of a fence run and at intervals of every 10 meters in between, wherever the public have access.

Is important to remember that any recommendations AVS make are to be used as a guideline only. To achieve a permanent electric fence, the conductor wire, tape or rope should be strained from your end posts and your corner posts if applicable, using the appropriate tensioning device.

End and corner posts also need the correct insulators, which will differ from those used on the intermediates. With a temporary electric fence the necessary tension is usually achieved by using a reel system.