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Our acoustic fencing is available in two types; reflective and absorbent acoustic fencing. The reflective variety is the most common type and reduces noise pollution by literally reflecting the sound waves away from the fence. This commercial fencing system then prevents the noise from passing the barrier and is very popular in residential areas where heavy traffic noise from motorways for example, are an issue.

Popular Uses for Acoustic Fencing...

Popular uses for acoustic fencing are around construction and industrial site perimeters, airports and railways which may be situated adjacent to residential housing. Reflective fencing works by having no gaps in the timber construction that would allow sound through and acoustic boards are inserted indie the posts.

This type of acoustic fencing will not be suitable for all situations, in particular where a greater drop in noise is required and when you would not want the noise to be reflected back to its original source. In these circumstances an absorbent barrier fence is recommended.

How does it work?

Absorbent acoustic fencing works by using a special absorbent membrane within its construction. This membrane acts as a sponge, preventing the noise from travelling further and also not reflecting the noise back out. Timber is normally used because it is naturally very absorbent.

Whatever your requirements you can expect AVS to supply treated timber and steel components to your own acoustic detail as well as our own standard designs. We can construct acoustic fencing to any size and for a variety of uses.

Reflective Acoustic Fencing Components

reflective acoustic fencing

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