Use Aggregates For Decoration Or Big DIY Projects...

Our bagged aggregates come in a variety of sizes and types that can be used in all kinds of fencing and landscaping projects, for both construction and decorative purposes. Our ballast is available in small and bulk bags and is generally used for making concrete when mixed with cement.

This aggregate perfect for supporting fence posts in the hole, when mixed with cement. The added benefit of making traditional concrete like this is that it's cheaper than using pre mixed versions, making it a good option on larger jobs.

We have a great selection of decorative aggregates like shingle and plumb slate which have a variety of uses like garden borders, flower beds and pots, weed suppressing under decking and landscaping driveways. You can even use shingle for under fence posts to aid with drainage.

Our cement is sold in waterproof bags to help prevent the penetration of dampness while being stored. Use the cement aggregate with ballast for mixing concrete. If you don't want the job of measuring out and mixing cement and ballast we have the perfect aggregate for you. Post mix, which is a pre mixed concrete made especially for securing fence posts. AVS also stock a very useful range of winter aggregates for snowy and icy conditions. We also stock the environmentally friendly brand Enviro Thaw that helps to prevent ice build up on the ground. A very popular product for use in car parks, on roads and pavements.