Arris Rails

Arris rails are an incredibly important part of your fence structure, giving it the strength and support it needs to continue to perform.

This type of rail, due to its shape, can add a bit of interest to an otherwise plain garden fence when viewed from the back of the fence. Choose from AVS Fencing's plain or pre-ended arris rails to compliment your fence build. After over 20 years of experience we can tell you with certainty that these traditional products come highly recommended.

How does an Arris Rail work?

Arris is actually an architectural term which describes a sharp edge or ridge made by the meeting of two surfaces. The arris rail is designed in just that way. The shape allows water to run off the top and not settle, warding off damage to the timber. The angle also makes it harder to climb, adding a bit of security.

What are the Options?

You can select either pre-ended or plain ended ends for your arris rails. The ended arris have been shaped for you and is the perfect purchase if you have fence posts with mortices. They can be slotted into place, creating a very strong and durable fence.

Alternatively, our plain ended arris rails can either be ended after purchase using an adze, for example, or can be attached to the post with an arris bracket. Both options provide you with a solid construction, the choice depends on your current set up or preference. We also have several sizing options for you to choose from.

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