Aviary Mesh

Aviary mesh is ideal for fruit cages and aviaries for small birds, as well as building bird protection areas, small animal housing and other structures.

Choose from a range of wire netting and weld mesh products in different sizes to suit your individual needs.

Aviary Mesh for Different Purposes

Aviary mesh is incredibly versatile and is perfect for many different projects around the garden or outdoors area. Wire netting is a cost effective way of securing animals while ensuring minimal wastage of the product.

Galvanised Wire Netting

Wire netting can be used to create a fence for securing small pets and chickens in the garden. All you need is the wire netting, posts and staples, making this type of fence build very economical. As the wire netting is made from galvanised steel, this fence will last a long time and wont rust or degrade.

Light Weld Mesh

Aviary weld mesh is easy to handle, quick to use and perfect for many different uses. For example, weld mesh can be used to create an attractive looking bird cage as the gaps are small enough to protect birds from escaping. The wire is also stiff enough to maintain its structure.

A Guide to Using Weld Mesh