Decking Balustrade Is An Essential Finishing Touch...

Our decking balustrade range is wide and varied. Balustrade forms the entire handrail and the vertical section below it.

They are used as a decorative garden feature around decking or a patio and can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal or concrete. A wide range of balustrade styles are available to suit different tastes.

Also available are the extremely easy to fit decking panels which consist of timber handrails and metal balustrades in a variety of patterns and styles. Balustrade should be planned and built into your garden decking during initial construction rather than added afterwards as you need to consider how much space you have and how you want your decking to be accessed.

Decking balustrade & handrails are usually positioned to direct the flow of people and prevent accidental falls, important if you have raised decking. Complete your professional decking look with hand rails, newel posts and timber balusters often known as spindles. These materials are ideal for brand new decks as well as replacements of existing parts.

We also have decking rope, which can give a slightly nautical feel and is attached to your timber decking posts with brass fittings.

Creating a hand rail for your decking is not a difficult job. Use either 1.8m or 2.4m long sections of rails to create a balanced look. If you need any help we are always happy to hear from you and answer your questions.