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Whatever your commercial requirements may be, we deliver on quality for your barrier and bollard needs.

Providing Effective Solutions

We supply a wide range of barrier and bollard products including our Stronguard Walling Systems, the Stronguard Protecta-Fence and Bristorm Anti-Terrorist Security Fence.

Stronguard Protecta-Fence is a type of non-conductive fencing which prevents unauthorised access to sensitive equipment and other items. Stronguard Secure Walling Systems is another type of security system that can be used for both internal and external applications. They are ideal for protecting entry to secure assets and are perfect for housing utilities such as gas and water meters.

We also offer products such as Stronguard Invicta, Bollards and Mid-Range Road Blockers which are ideal security solutions, used for different applications. Common applications for our Stronguard Invicta product for example are airports, military installations, cash processing facilities and power plants.

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For quality guaranteed, choose from our selection of other security and barrier products, including the Stronguard Shallow Depth Blocker, our industrial marking paint and the Stronguard Interceptor.

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