We have an electric fence battery for every type of Rutland electric fence energiser available. Batteries are not included with energisers so you should purchase these when buying your energiser and also for routine replacement

The voltage of these fence batteries range from 6V dry cell or air alkaline right up to the 12V lead acid leisure battery and it is only the latter which is rechargeable meaning they are excellent value for money.

If your energiser has its own internal electric fence battery, there will be no external cables to connect to the power supply. Frequently with 12v Leisure batteries these are placed on the ground and connected with leads to the nearby energiser, this is due to their size and weight. When you are using a mains energiser simply plug in to the nearest convenient 13A power point, but before switching on.

We offer a 12v deep cycle leisure battery for electric fencing. Deep cycle has thicker plates and can handle more of a discharge. The cold weather can effect the performance of the electric fence battery, this is why it is important to recharge on a regular basis.