Building Sand

Building sand is a product that many of our customers think of as an essential ingredient for an amazing variety of applications. It is supplied in two types; standard and sharp.

Standard building sand is sometimes referred to as soft sand and is generally used for brick laying and pointing in brickwork. This is particularly important where the end product will be visible and therefore a smooth finish is required.

Sharp sand on the other hand is a much more course product and is often used when constructing paving and other similar landscaping projects, or where it will form a strong base for a structure.

Sharp building sand is more course and not as yellow in colour as the standard type.

Unlike many other suppliers who only have small 25kg bags of sand available ,we at AVS recognise that is small quantity is generally not going to cover it. This is why our smallest bag of building sand starts at 40kg making it much better value and ultimately more useful. These bags are ideal for small projects around the garden like pointing and repair jobs.

Our building sand in the bulk 850Kg sized bags are ideal if you have a bigger job on your hands. These sizes are great for industrial or larger scale landscaping projects like constructing a path or driveway with paving slabs.

When laying paving slabs or flag stones we recommend you level out the building sand as a base, lay the slabs and brush your concrete mixture into the gaps. It really couldn't be easier.

When using building sand as a mortar, the standard mix would be 1 part cement to 3 parts builders sand, then slowly start to add water, mixing as you go. You can trust AVS to offer useful advice as well as great quality products. As with any heavy products please take care when lifting and seek assistance where necessary to avoid injury.