How Much Decking Will I need?

One of the most common problems is not knowing exactly how much decking you need. To help you we have put together a simple calculator to get you started.

First Step

Start by working out the area you need to cover in decking (in square metres). This can be done by measuring the length in meters and multiplying the width by the length. If the area is not a simple rectangle or square you will need to split the area into rectangles and calculate each area separately

Decking Style One Decking Style One

Second Step

The number of decking boards required depends on the length of decking boards being used. As well as the direction the boards are laid. Select your type of decking below and press calcuate to work out how many boards you require.

Softwood Decking Composit Decking

You Will Need

Below are the amount of boards you will require. Note this not take in to account any wastage that can occur when preparing and laying your decking.

  • Boards
  • Screws

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