Cant Rails

Cant rails help to strengthen your timber fencing by supporting horizontally along the structure. They are essential to ensuring your fence stays straight and true.

One of our regional specific products, the cant rail is currently only available from our Peterborough branch.

If you’re looking for a rail that combines durability and strength with a smart appearance, the cant rail is ideal. Choosing quality products are very important when building a structure like a garden fence.

Choosing the Right Fence Rail

AVS have a great deal of experience in the fencing industry so we are on hand to help you choose the correct fence rail to suit you.

The shape of the cant fence rail, while being similar to a standard oblong piece of timber, has been angled slightly at the top. This design means it still maintains the large surface area that’s connected to the feather edge boards, while allowing rain water to run away from your fence.

Our timber fence rails have been pressure treated to help them resist moisture damage for longer and this includes our cant rails.


When it comes to installation, the cant rail is quite simple. Once the posts have been concreted in you can fix your rails at each end to the face of the post - either concrete or timber.

Let us Help

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