Caps & Finials

Fence post caps are used to create a lovely finishing touch detail to a fence post. They also have a secondary use of helping to protect the top of the post from damaging moisture. We supply a range of fence post caps and decorative finials in timber.

These little products are a great way to completely transform your fence run. Maybe you're tired of plain fence posts? These caps and finials will effortlessly add interest.

How to Install Fence Post Caps

The installation of these fence post caps is a very simple process; they can be either nailed or screwed down into the fence post. Pre-drilling of the cap is recommended to prevent splitting of the timber and only two nails or screws are needed.

How to Install Fence Finials

Fence finials are just as easy to install, a double ended screw comes with your finial which is then used to hold the finial to the fence post cap. Again pre-drilling is suggested. We recommend you fix a finial to a post cap rather than directly onto to the top of the post. This is because a finial will not protect the top of the post from the elements because it covers a smaller surface area. It also looks much neater and 'finished' when used in conjunction with a post cap.

The Benefits of Caps and Finials

Fence post caps and finials are purely an architectural design feature, made to emphasize the top or end of a structure. In our selection we have quite a traditional acorn design in two sizes and a simple finial ball.

Caps and finials can be painted or stained to match your existing fence panels. These items can really help to change the look of your garden fencing. Post caps are treated with timber preservative.

Another interesting alternative to a fence cap or finial would be to use our fence post shaper. This product fits on to the end of your timber fence post and helps you to cut a pointed shape on to the top by guiding your saw.