Chain Link Concrete Posts

These Chain Link Concrete Posts are durable, maintenance free, and accurately pre holed for fast attachment of wire and eyebolts.

Why choose Chain Link Concrete Posts?

Chain link is a low maintenance fencing material, making it a popular choice for many. Its flexibility means that it can withstand many knocks and bumps from pressures such as the weather.

You can however give your chain link fencing extra support by adding concrete posts and struts. Due to the natural density of chain link concrete posts, they are extremely strong and durable.

Concrete has the advantage of not rotting when it comes into contact with ground moisture, meaning you will be saving time and money in the long run. Just ensure that enough of the fence post is inserted into the ground to maintain the strength of the fence.

Chain Link Concrete Corner Posts, End Posts & Struts

Chain link concrete corner posts are essential to supporting your chain link fencing in each corner or at every turn in the fence. Concrete end posts are designed to give chain link fencing further support at the ends of your fence run.

To reinforce your chain link fencing, use concrete struts. They are made from extremely hard wearing materials, helping you create a stronger chain link fencing build.

Diagram by Supreme Concrete

How to Install

Use either a mixture of cement and ballast or the premixed compound, Post Mix to install your concrete chain link posts. The amount you will need to use of either product depends on the size of the hole that is dug for the fence post.