Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fencing For All Purposes...

Chain link is a type of mesh which is suitable for both garden and light security fencing, and commonly seen surrounding tennis courts. Chain link fencing is supported by metal or concrete fence posts, occasionally timber, depending on the situation and personal preference.

Between the posts the chain link is supported on tensioned line wires, so there needs to be a method of anchoring and straining wires firmly at the ends and corners of the fence.

Building Your Chain Link Fence

When constructing chain link fencing the use of straining posts is essential at any stop or change of direction, and these require concreting in. The fence lines are always set out in straight lines due to the tension placed on the lines. There are three types of straining posts - 1) End posts, 2) Corner posts and a 3) Two way post.

The ends and the corners should be fairly self explanatory, the two way however is used on slight change of direction or when a straight run exceeds 69m. Each strainer relies on one or two "struts", these support the post and stop the tension pulling the post over; with angle iron this and all of the fittings come complete with the strainers, however with concrete all the individual items need to be purchased separately.

The intermediate fencing posts, to give lateral support to the fence, usually are set 2.4m - 3m apart, these are not always concreted into the ground.

Chain link fencing mesh is available in a range of finishes and made from wire of different thickness. AVS sell galvanised finish and a green PVC finish.

The PVC finish we provide lasts much longer than some because the wire underneath the PVC has been galvanised to give corrosion protection. All rolls are normally 25m long.

For more useful advice on installing chainlink fencing, see our blog.

Height Roll Length Wire Diameter
1.8m 25m 3.1/2.1mm
1.8m 25m 3mm
1.5m 25m 3.15/2.24mm
1.2m 25m 3.1/2.1mm
900mm 25m 3.1/2.1mm