Chestnut Fencing

Chestnut Fencing of the Highest Quality...

Chestnut fencing from AVS is produced from renewable woodland resources and we proudly support traditional chestnut coppicing in Kent and Sussex.

Our chestnut fencing products include chestnut paling, cleft chestnut post and rails and rustic poles.

Types of Chestnut Fencing

Cleft chestnut post and rail is traditionally used for fencing livestock, but is increasingly popular for gardens and driveways due to it's rustic and natural appearance. Chestnut is a hardwood and, like oak, very durable without the need for treatment.

Chestnut post and rail is easy to construct, the rails are simply slotted in to the ready made mortice holes on the posts.

It is easy to attach a wire mesh to a post and rail fence using a hammer and staples. Combining the chestnut fencing with a wire mesh will make it ideal for keeping small pets secure, or keeping wild rabbit and foxes out of your garden. Chestnut fencing poles can be used to construct a wide range of rose arches and garden landscaping structures for your outside space.

For livestock, we offer a range of stock fencing with different specifications depending on the type of animal you are fencing in. There are also mesh options specifically designed for cattle, sheep, deer horses and dogs.

The Benefits of Post & Rail Chestnut Fencing

There are several advantages to using the post and rail style of chestnut fencing. Not only do you get good vision through the fence but the robust and traditional design doubles as an attractive barrier that works well along most curves.

If you have any questions regarding chestnut fencing products, please get in touch with our sales team.