Chestnut Paling

Chestnut paling is a beautifully rustic style of fencing that is frequently used in a variety of locations. Private and public gardens alike utilise this attractive and easy to use paling.

The unobtrusiveness of the chestnut paling fencing means that it will suit almost any situation, allowing you to keep whatever is being fenced in on display.

Our chestnut paling rolls are supplied in a number of different popular heights.

A very popular use for paling is tree protection. It can also be suitable for dog fencing depending on the size and nature of your pet. Chestnut forms a natural looking and fairly unobtrusive garden fence which looks good in rural areas. If you need to build a fence which doesn't follow a completely straight line, chestnut paling is ideal as you can form it to almost any shape you wish.

Chestnut paling is very easy to erect without the need for special tools. AVS supply pointed posts that are perfect for securing at the ends after driving the pointed end into the ground.

You can then fix it with 2 or 3 support wires and some staples to the intermediate fence posts, which are normally driven into the ground 3 meters apart. The paling needs to be pulled tight during erection and so needs to have straining posts at the ends and each corner to support the tension.

This tension can be achieved by using some of the posts as struts which are fixed at 45 degrees to the straining fence posts. The best tool to tension the chestnut paling fence is a wire strainer or small winch.

A tip if you don't have these to hand is to take one of the stakes which is being used to erect the garden fence and insert this through the gap between the pales. Then lever this against the straining post in order to tighten the fence, taking care not to break the chestnut timber.