Chicken Wire

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Chicken wire has been used for many years to effectively protect chickens, as well as other low flying birds, from predators. This wire is also an excellent way to prevent your chickens from escaping from their enclosure.

Available in a number of lengths, heights and gauges, select the right wire fencing for your needs from these great quality galvanised products.

What is Chicken Wire?

Chicken wire, also sometimes known as wire netting, is an essential piece of equipment in many rural and agricultural locations.

It is constructed by twisting galvanised wire together to form a strong net shape that can be bent and moulded in any direction. The finished product looks a lot like chainlink fencing and is constructed in a similar way, but chicken wire is a lot more lightweight.

This wire netting is an incredibly versatile product and has many garden uses. It can be used to fence in rabbits and other small animals, as well as protecting your delicate plants from being eaten by birds.

How should you use Chicken Wire Netting?

Use our chicken wire fencing to keep your chickens safe from predators by digging some of the chicken wire mesh under the ground. This technique will help to stop predators such as foxes or dogs from digging under the ground and making their way into your garden or the bird's enclosure.

We would also recommend that you use our 1.8m high chicken wire fence netting to prevent your chickens from flying over the top and escaping. This height is generally considered to be acceptable if you're not enclosing the coop with a roof.

As well as being the perfect material for fencing, chicken wire is also quite popular in the arts and crafts community. The fact that it is very pliable by nature and easy to cut, makes chicken wire ideal for making sculptures and other handmade objects.

Sometimes used in the building industry, this wire can be used to help with the skimming and plastering of walls. The contractor will place the wire mesh on to the walls and plaster over the top, giving it extra grip to the surface of the wall. Chicken wire really is a very versatile product.

How do you Build a Wire Netting Run?

When building your chicken wire netting run from scratch, you will need to use galvanised line wire to support the net from the top. You then need to use the netting fasteners at regular intervals to fix the wire netting to the line wire.

Many people use the L-shaped method of inserting the bottom of the chicken wire deep in to the ground and then bending it into an L shape. This makes it harder for foxes or other animals from digging below the wire and getting in to the coop, without the need for electric fencing.

You could also utilise some picket fencing and attach the chicken mesh to the inside of the panels. This would add a little bit more protection for your birds.

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