Cleats & Brackets

Cleats are an important element for the installation of gravel boards, a normal component to fit the boards to the posts when the gravel board is fitted between the posts. When you are using a timber gravel board with timber posts, a plain cleat is required, this should be nailed into position; either blunt the nail point prior to using or pre-drill to avoid splitting.

How to Use Fencing Cleats & Brackets

If using a concrete gravel board with a concrete morticed post then a 2-pin cleat is required, the gravel board is then bolted into position. When using a timber gravel board with concrete morticed posts a pre-drilled cleat should be used, this is bolted to the post then the gravel board nailed to the cleat.

When using the slotted concrete posts the gravel board require no additional fixings, as it just sits in the slot of the post. In some situations it is possible to nail the gravel board to the face of the post and make the use of a cleat unnecessary

Cleats are used to fix the gravel board to the post. Timber blocks for timber gravelboards and metal two pin cleats for concrete morticed posts. Slotted posts do not require cleats, as the board fits nicely in the slot.