Closeboard Panels

Closeboard panels are a popular style of strong, durable fencing that's quick and easy to erect. The classic styling of the vertical timber boards makes for an attractive yet strong construction that you will be proud to surround your property with.

These panels are fully constructed lengths of garden fencing that can be slotted into slotted posts and nailed on to timber. This method makes fence building much more accessible for the first timer of DIY enthusiast and takes up far less time than building a closeboard fence from scratch.

Closeboard fence panels are a quick way of improving privacy for your home so if you're after a smart appearance for your fencing, with speed and ease of installing the panel, these products are just what you need.

Putting up a garden fence can be a time consuming task. You also have the job of choosing all the correct components. With these closeboard panels, each section of your fence has been pre-constructed making the whole process quicker and easier. If you have gradients and slopes in your garden, it is possible to use these panels to create varying boundary levels.

Tall closeboard fencing panels can be used in many different locations, including back gardens and around industrial areas and schools. The design provides both a feeling of security and privacy as well as being an incredibly strong construction.

Dependent on the time of year when you fit your closeboard panels, it may be appropriate to allow the fencing to dry out a little before painting it with timber preservative or fencing stain. We have a comprehensive selection of these treatments available to buy online.

Here at AVS Fencing Supplies we've got everything you will need for every type of garden fencing project. We are also always available to offer free advice. So if you need some pointers regarding which materials to buy and how to put them together using our fencing tools, get in touch.

Closeboard Fencing