Concrete Fence Posts

Our Concrete Fence Posts Will Not Let You Down...

Concrete posts are a sturdy, long lasting and maintenance free fencing essential. The popularity of concrete posts has grown in recent years, in part due to their tough construction. This makes them excellent value for money. Ideal for use with many of the fencing systems that may be in your garden right now, from fence panels to chain link, as well as closeboard.

Want a fence post that can stand the test of time? Our comprehensive concrete fence post range will provide the ideal solution.

As well as being incredibly dense and strong, concrete fence posts will not rot over time and therefore do not need treating or staining. Choose from our concrete fence post range, including end, corner and intermediate styles - everything you need to give your property and fencing a professionally finished appearance with maximum durability.

Morticed Concrete Posts

Here is a guide to help you to choose the correct concrete morticed post for your chosen fence height.

SKU code Length No. Rails To Suit Fence Height (m)
Metric (mm) Imperial (ft) No Gravel Board With 150mm G/Board
102212 1830 6 2 1.05 or 1.2 1.05 or 1.2
102213 2135 7 2 1.35 or 1.5 1.35 or 1.5
102214 2440 8 3 1.65 or 1.8 1.65 or 1.8
102217 2440 8 3 1.65 or 1.8 1.65 or 1.8
102215 2745 9 3 1.65 or 1.8 1.65 or 1.8
102216 2750 9 3 2 1.95
102219 2750 9 3 2 1.95

Concrete Posts Are More Reliable

Concrete slotted fence posts are most frequently used with panel fencing, where the panel simply slots into place without the need for additional fixing. And an added bonus is that it can also be easily removed if repaires are ever needed. You can also choose from our excellent range of morticed concrete fence posts which are great for closeboard fencing, as well as those items most suited to a chain link fencing construction.

If your garden is surrounded with timber fencing, which is most popular in residential and commercial locations, a set of concrete fence posts are ideal as they provide much needed durability. One of our most popular types of fencing is closeboard because it has an attractive style. And when coupled with concrete posts and gravel boards it will result in a very reliable build.

It is important to note that if you are using closeboard, you should select the posts that come ready with mortice holes so you can slot in the ended arris rails. The feather edge boards then rest on the gravel board and nail onto the rails making a strong fence for your property.

AVS Know Which Concrete Posts You Need

For the North of London and the Midlands area, a cant rail system of fencing is more popular and for this a recessed concrete fence post is used with cant rails instead of arris rails, which come with bolt holes cast into them. You then bolt the cant rail onto the concrete fence post. If you need any further advice on the subject of using concrete, get in touch with our expert team.