Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete Gravel Boards Are the Best for Protecting Your Fence

Concrete gravel boards are great for keeping your timber fence away from ground contact. This is incredibly important as prolonged exposure to moisture can damage timber. As concrete does not rot, it makes it the ideal material to make gravel boards from.

Using panel fencing with slotted concrete posts? Then your gravel boards can be slotted into place along with your panels.

Using Concrete Gravel Boards With Closeboard Fencing

Concrete gravel boards, when used with concrete morticed posts in the construction of closeboard fencing, are attached using two pin push-in cleats. The cleats simply slot into the post using two holes located near the bottom of the post and then the concrete gravel board is bolted onto cleats. This is usually done with M8x80 or M10x80 bolts along with the appropriate washers.

You will notice that some concrete posts have three holes which allows for the option to move the position of the gravel board on the concrete fence post.

This will also have an effect on the distance between the bottom rail and the concrete gravel board. Other concrete posts have four holes which allow the option of using two gravel boards if required.

Because of the length of the concrete gravel board, to suit a closeboard fencing build, the middle section will require additional support. You can ensure your concrete gravel board is fully supported by using a centre stump, available to purchase separately.

This can be fixed on using a coach screw and washer through a hole in the gravel board. The centre stump can also attach to the bottom rail, giving the whole structure rigidity.

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