Continental Panels

Continental fence panels are AVS's more decorative range of fencing in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Manufactured by Grange who have been making fence panels and other timber garden structures since 1868 so you can feel safe in the knowledge you are getting a very high quality product from a manufacturer who knows what they are doing.

Just like many of our timber fence posts, the Grange continental fence panels are backed by an amazing 15 years guarantee against rotting. The timber has been pressure treated meaning the preservative has been forced into the centre of the wood penetrating the grain, rather than just sitting on the surface.

The Grange Elite St Meloir and the Eyecatcher panel both feature an attractive trellis at the top. All of the continental fence panels offer distinctive styles and will add individuality to your home. These panels are made from planed softwood and can be stained or painted to suit your tastes.

Just like AVS, Grange have a policy to protect the environment and they pledge to purchase an increasing proportion of timber for their fence panels from forests environmentally well managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards.

As with most fence panels, our continental fence panel range are easy to erect and you can use both timber or concrete slotted fence posts. If you are going to use concrete slotted posts and a gravel board you will also need to use the Grange fence panel side strip and a gravel board. Also, we recommend using a gravel board underneath each panel to protect the bottom from ground damp, which will prolong the life of your fence. Gravel boards are available in both timber and concrete to match the fence posts.