Decking Fittings & Fixtures

All the decking fittings you could possibly need are here at AVS. Not only do we sell decking boards and all the timber that goes with it but we also provide the little things you may not have realised you needed when you began planning your new garden decking.

If you are fitting handrails, which you most certainly will be if you are building a raised deck, you will need fixing brackets. These mount the handrails and base rails to the newel posts.

Another essential when picking our decking fittings and accessories is geotextile membrane. This sheet lies on the ground beneath your deck boards and suppresses weeds and other unwanted growth from growing through the gaps in between deck boards. Generally black in colour it is available in a choice of widths, it can be fixed into position using either plastic pegs or shingle.

When building a garden structure from scratch you will want the best screws for the job. Carpenters Mate are one of the leading suppliers of decking screws. These come in a variety of sizes and are coated to help lengthen the life of the metal. This is especially important helping avoid rusty marks as the deck will be exposed to the elements all year round.

You need quality decking fittings and accessories to ensure they are resistant to rusting and degrading in the UV rays of the sun, Have a look at our excellent quality decking treatments and stains to improve the appearance of the deck and lengthen the life of the timber.