Decking Framework

Use Our Decking Framework To Build a Deck That Lasts...

Decking framework is the foundation of all garden decking and the components that support and hold everything together. The stronger the framework, the more support it will give your deck, so therefore the more weight you can place on your decking - great for parties.

There's nothing better than a great looking garden deck. It's a place to entertain all year round (if you have a patio heater in the winter) or even to sunbathe on in the summer months. As with most things a good looking deck build has to start from the ground up. If the decking framework is secure, your deck will be too and it will continue to give you and your family years of pleasure.

Here at AVS we understand the importance of choosing the right materials for the job and using them in the correct way to get the most out of your garden. Choose from our range of decking framework products so you can start building!

We have a wide range of decking framework products that are essential to you building garden decking that you can be proud of. You have a choice of UC4 treated timber deck posts or concrete posts. These are the components that go into the ground and support the rail and joist framework.

We also supply the landscaping fabric, geotextile membrane, which you can place directly onto the ground beneath your deck to prevent weed growth.

Depending on the height of your deck either 150mm , 100mm, or both rails would normally be used to create either a frame arrangement or a beam and joist structure. As there are many ways of constructing your framework we cannot say which, but the one thing it will always need to be is firm and solid; as this will be not only supporting the weight of the decking, but also all the people and furniture on it.