Decking Hand Rails

Decking hand rails are a crucial part of your decking, particularly if it is raised off the ground. Sitting on top of your balustrade the hand rails frame your deck and make it safer to use for everyone.

If you enjoy entertaining and spending time in the garden, decking is a great way to enhance this experience. Adding hand rails to your decking can make the whole structure look and feel more substantial and comfortable for your guests.

Choose decking hand rails from AVS and get quality materials from expert manufacturers and update your garden decking today.

Our decking hand rails have been made using smooth planed timber. Designed for heavy use, these rails should last for as long as the rest of your decking. You can buy the inner fillet of the hand rail which eases the fitting of the spindles and we also supply the steel fixtures and fittings to enable to finish the job.

You have the option to either stain or leave your decking hand rails in their natural colour. At the very least you should treat the timber rail with a clear preserver once or twice a year, along with the rest of your decking.

The timber has been pressure treated to extend the working life but additional treatment is recommended.

AVS supply everything you need to construct garden decking, from the concrete posts beneath the framework, right up to the hand rails at the top. Get in touch if you need any advice. We will be happy to assist you with choosing the correct products for your next deck build.