Decking Oil

Decking oil is essential to maintaining your timber deck and keeping it looking great for years to come.

Everyone agrees that decking makes a lovely addition to your home and can in fact increase your property's value and desirability. Using decking oil should be a job that you fit in once or twice a year. If you do that you will be impressed with the results that this will achieve.

If you have just had a new deck installed or it's time to treat your current structure, chose from our range of quality decking oils and give your timber deck a bit of a face lift.

Timber, whether it's kept indoors or out needs to have its oils replenished on a regular basis to stay looking good. In the instance of external timber, expressively dry timber can lead to cracking, other deterioration and a dull washed out appearance. Using decking oil is a quick and simple way of replenishing the deck's natural oils and combating this problem.

The sun can also cause the colour of your timber to fade with its UV rays. Decking oil has active ingredients that form a protective layer on the deck surface. And because oil naturally repels water, it will help to prevent water from soaking into the timber.

We would recommend that you oil your decking in the spring. Typically when the outdoor temperature isn't too hot or too cold. This ensures the oil dries at the optimal rate. If you require further advice get in touch with our expert team.