Decking Posts

Decking posts are commonly made of either timber or concrete. AVS recommend that for the foundation you should use concrete decking posts to secure the deck base support posts into the ground.

They should be used as necessary to provide stability for the decking framework usually at approximately 1.8m if additional support beams are used under joists.

Concrete decking posts are a much more durable post because concrete does not need treating and will not rot or decay over time. It will last for decades in the ground without being effected by moisture.

These posts are supplied 100x100mm in a variety of lengths to suit your situation.

As an alternative to concrete we have a selection of high quality timber decking posts. This timber has been kiln dried and is from a sustainable UK source. For many decks 100 x100mm section timber decking posts will suffice, although on taller garden decks or on commercial projects larger sections will also be used.

Our kiln dried pressure treated timber decking posts are covered by our 15 year guarantee. We are so confident about these posts that we are certain you will not need to worry about them prematurely rotting in the ground. They have been specially pressure treated to British standard BS8417 and come in 100x100mm dimensions in a variety of lengths and two colours, brown and light brown.