Decking Protection

Decking protection is a process that is often overlooked. Once your new deck has been installed, it is essential to maintain the integrity of the timber because constant exposure to the elements can cause damage.

Using these products not only keeps your decking looking good for longer, but decking protection can also extend its life. Decking is an entertaining or relaxing space and you want to make sure you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Protecting it adequately is essential to that outcome.

Whether you have just had a new deck installed or your older one is starting to look a little tired, check out our extensive range of quality decking protection to get you started.

Protecting your deck can come in many different forms. When it's first installed you will want to treat any cut ends with an endcoat product. This seals it preventing excess moisture from getting in. Then decking treatment is required and recommended once or twice a year to cover the entire deck to protect the timber n the same way.

These decking protection products contain specially formulated nutrients that replace the deck's natural oils. It also keeps the wood looking bright and as good as new.

In addition to and to maintain between treatments your decking can also be protected by cleaning the surface on a regular basis. This stops the growth of algae which can make timber slippery.

It's best practice to use decking protection when the weather is warm. This ensures drying time isn't too fast or too slow.