Decking Stain

Decking stain not only brightens up the timber but it also helps to protect it from the elements, ensuring your deck stays looking good for longer.

Decking is a great place to relax in your garden and if you're after an outside space that requires little maintenance, this is a very popular option. Decking stain can be part of that small amount of maintenance, preserving the structure as you go.

Have you just installed a brand new deck and want to stain the timber with a chosen colour? Or maybe the timber has started to look a little tired and silvered and you want to give it a brand new lease of life? Choose from our range of decking stain colours and transform your garden deck today.

The ingredients in decking stain acts to nourish the timber, sinking into the surface and replenishing its lost oils. The act of staining brings out the natural grain and can sometimes make it look like new.

It can also help to prevent premature ageing of the timber by blocking the harmful UV rays from the sun. These can bleach the surface, giving the deck a washed out look. A couple of coats of decking stain can both prevent and reverse that superficial damage with the use of oils or by masking it with the new colour wash itself.

The best time to use decking stain is in the spring. This is when the outside temperature is not too cold to prevent the stain from drying and not too hot to make it dry out too fast. It's also a good idea to stain your decking early in the day, before the sun gets too warm.