Decorative Aggregates

Decorative aggregates can completely transform the look of your garden. If you are looking for a quick fix that produces instant results then you have come to the right place.

Decorative aggregates is a great solution if for example you have a corner of the garden that you just can't think what to do with. It's quick and cost effective to simply add some cotswold buff or plum slate.

The Many Uses of Cotswold Buff & Plum Slate

Decorative aggregates such as cotswold buff are ideal for garden borders, but it doesn't have to end there. You can also use versatile products such as colourful plum slate to brighten up the landscaping around ponds, around flower beds and driveways.

We can supply you with decorative aggregates in handy small bags as well as bulk containers. So whatever the size of your job or project we can cater to your needs. The small bags are ideal for a small amount of edging but if you are landscaping a driveway or larger garden area then a bulk bag is what you need.

Also, our bulk decorative aggregates are suitable for corporate uses as it creates a clean and smart finish in any application. It has been featured in the landscaping of prestigious properties as well as offices and schools.

Quality Guaranteed

These decorative aggregates are of the highest quality because AVS understand that high quality means your landscaping will look good for longer, ultimately saving you money in the long run; So why not make a quick and easy change to your garden or other outside space today by using AVS Fencing Supplies slate.