Electric Fencing

Professional Electric Fencing That's Up to the Job...

Installing electric fencing is really easy once you know the basic principles. It is an essential part of maintaining a secure environment for animals, particularly horses. Electric fencing, including electric fence posts also offers protection for poultry and other birds from unwanted predators like foxes.

Electric Fencing for Horses and More…

Our extensive electric fencing for horses range includes insulated cables, batteries and electro tape, wire, electric fence posts and rope. Although these electric fencing materials are suitable for a number of purposes, these items are particularly popular with people who keep horses and can be used either as a permanent fixture or a temporary electric fence.

This is a really handy feature if you move your paddocks around frequently or are only looking to house animals for a short period of time.

We stock both green and white tape and rope, but recommend that green is only used as a secondary barrier such as in front of a fence, wall or hedge because it can easily blend into the background.

If the electric fencing is the primary barrier in a field than we recommend white tape for maximum visibility as it stands out against what is often a green or dark background.

how earthing electric fencing works

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Electric Fencing & Its Many Uses…

Electric fencing for chickens is also something that is growing in popularity. Chickens are naturally quite hard to secure because of the determined predators they often attract.

Electric fencing for dogs is an extremely handy way of keeping your pets secure. They do have the capability to dig an exit hole underneath standard timber fencing, so the electric fencing option is a more effective option for making sure they don't get lost, giving you extra peace of mind.

Keep your electric fencing powered with our selection of batteries that come in a range of different voltages. To ensure your electric fencing batteries remained charged for when you need them, you can buy solar panels to provide cheap renewable energy. We also have mains powered fence energisers available to make sure you don't lose power when you need it the most.

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Our electric fencing supplies are chosen from only the highest quality brands so that you can feel confident in the product you're buying. And if you need advice on choosing the right materials or installing your electric fence, get in touch with our expert team today.

Basic Fence Types

Portable / Temporary (Battery) Semi – Permanent/Permanent (Mains and Battery)
Expected Fence Use Short term, frequent moves 1-20 years
Ease of Installation Simple, fast Easy to moderate
Animals Controlled Cattle, horses, pets, lawn and garden pests Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, exotics, deer and predators
Best Suited For Temporary fencing, managed intensive grazing Pastures, cross fences
Post Type Step-in posts, steel and rod posts Round wire posts, plastic posts and wooden posts
Wire Type Poly wire, poly tape, poly rope Poly wire, poly tape, poly rope and steel wire
Features Lightweight, reusable, easy to move Workable with any configuration of posts and conductive wire