Fence Capping

Fence capping is one of those fencing products that manages to couple protection with style.

When putting up new garden fencing it can be easy to neglect the little details that complete the look. Fence capping provides a finishing touch that gives a real sense of quality to an otherwise standard garden construction.

Browse our range of fence capping available in a range of sizes and styles, including grooved and if you need any help our expert team are on hand to assist!

How does Fence Capping work?

The timber used to form our fence capping has been pressure treated to enable it to perform in the UK climate. The way it overlaps your fence also means rain water isn’t directly hitting the top of your feather edge boards when using it to adorn your closeboard.

Here at AVS you also have brown and green (light brown) colour finishes available which means you can match it with your existing fence without having to stain it.

When it comes to installing you will also need a counter rail which sits underneath the fence capping on one side of the fence. Nail that in place and secure your capping on top and you’re done! If you have grooved capping you do not need a counter rail.

Need guidance on choosing the correct product or even on installation? Benefit from our 20 years of experience in the fencing supply industry and contact us today.