Fence Repair Spurs

Fence repair spurs are a great way to fix a damaged post without having to replace it entirely.

All it can take is some stormy weather to weaken a fence that perhaps wasn’t erected properly in the first place, or an accident that causes irreparable damage. In this case fence repair spurs are the ideal solution.

Sometimes of course it is too late to use repair spurs and it’s necessary to replace a fence post, normally if it’s too damaged. If that’s the case AVS have massive stocks of posts in different shapes and sizes. Browse our extensive range and get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

What are Fence Repair Spurs Used For?

A fence repair spur is formed of a small concrete post and is normally used to repair a timber post once it has snapped or has rotten. Repair spurs are often chosen because they are considered an easier option than replacing the old post.

How to Install

Very easy to install, all you have to do is concrete it into the ground at the foot of and directly in front of the timber post. Then once the concrete has set, the timber post can be bolted to the fence repair spur.

The added reinforcement and greater concreted in surface area that the fence repair spurs create strengthens the post and the fence as a whole. Also, the unobtrusive size of the spurs mean that they will not greatly effect the look of your garden fence.

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