Fencing Kits

Fencing kits are a quick, easy and worry free way of buying a garden fence, particularly if you'r not sure what you need. Ideal first time fence builders and DIYers.

Click on the type of fence you want and choose the quantities, then build your dream fence shopping list. Easy as that!

Professional looking, attractive and great value for money, our traditional style wooden fencing kits will last for years. Our complete fencing kits are designed so that you have all the materials required to install your closeboard or lap panel fences.

The only thing you need to decide is how you are going to put your posts into the ground, either by digging and filling with concrete or by using post spikes. Both of which are available to add onto your online basket during the checkout process.

Our closeboard fencing kits contain feather edge boards, cant/arris rails, a gravel board, fence posts and post fix to give you one 3m bay of fencing.

Alternatively, you can buy a closeboard panel kit which includes a ready made 1.8 x 1.8m panel. While our lap panel fencing kit comes complete with a lap panel, a fence post and post mix.

Most of these fencing kits are available with both pressure treated or dipped treated options and in brown or light brown. Dipped treated timber is when the wood is dipped into a preservative solution and pressure treated is when the preservative has been forced into the centre of the wood in a pressurized chamber. Pressure treatment is a more effective treatment as it protects more of the timber.

Pressure Treatment

Dip Treatment

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