Galvanised Line Wire

Line wire is very popular with our customers in agricultural locations and those working outdoors. Are you planning a brand new fence build that involves some kind of wire mesh construction? Or maybe you are looking to do some repairs on a very old fence run.

Line wire is so versatile, you can even use it as a handy gardening accessory.

Whatever the fence job, our reels of line wire will prove to be an excellent asset. And because they are galvanised, they'll continue to perform without being blighted by rusting. So choose from our extensive range today.

With the green coated line wire there are always two measurements quoted, i.e. 3.15/2.24mm, the first is the outer diameter of the plastic coating and the second is the diameter of the steel core.

With wire netting or mesh fencing, you generally need something extra to support the build and keep it tight and in a straight line. If you didn't have this, any sagging in the fence line could go on to cause damage if there strong winds begin to build. Line wire is an excellent tool for keeping the structure sound, it is stapled onto the post, then the netting clipped to it.

Chain link fencing systems works in very much the same vein, but the line wire is threaded through the post instead of being stapled to them.

Galvanised and PVC coated, this line wire is also ideal for general purpose and is particularly useful in the garden. Maybe you need to tie up some canes to support newly planted climbing species - this line wire has the strength and durability to do the job, without rusting.

Choose from any of our varying lengths, coil weights and gauge sizes and we are bound to have the right line wire for your job.