Garden Gates

AVS Garden Gates Leave a Lasting Impression...

Buy garden gates from AVS to add security and style to your garden. We have a variety of styles in different heights to suit your needs and accompany your fencing. AVS supply wooden garden gates and metal gates, and we have our solid wood range available as complete panels or with slatted detail.

Our Range of Metal and Wooden Garden Gates

Choose from traditional low level wooden garden gates in the picket style, which would fit in nicely with our picket fencing panels, to our galvanised coated steel and zinc gates that can be fitted into your existing brick wall, wooden post or chain link fencing.

With most of our metal garden gates the fittings are included in the package but we also supply separately a garden gate fixings kit with everything you will need for your metal garden gate build to make the job easier.

Many of our garden gates are used to secure front gardens in residential properties but would fit in almost anywhere adding extra security. Their efficient locking systems allow you to keep your children and small pets safely inside as well as acting as a deterrent for unwanted visitors.

AVS Fencing’s tall garden wooden gates and metal gates have been very popular due to their design and workmanship, making this functional item an attractive addition to your property. The wooden or metal variety would be ideal for both a modern or more traditional look. The quality of these tall garden gates ensures that they make an exceptional security feature, providing access to front or back gardens and would fit in nicely with all of our high level fence panels.

These garden gates can be fitted into your existing brickwork or wooded fence post. Just like many of our low level metal garden gates they come with the fixings included. We also supply matching metal fencing panels, metal railing panels and a bolt down railing post to complete the clean fresh look in a wide variety of sizes.

Our garden gates are available in a variety of designs from bow top to pointed top to rolling script details so we are confident we can provide a garden gate to accommodate any desired design for your property. So buy your new gate from AVS today and give your garden an instant facelift.