Garden Screening

Use Our Garden Screening For a Natural Border...

Garden Screening can make a lovely addition to your landscaping and outside space. AVS screening is provided either in a panel form or on a roll and are lightweight, which makes them quick and easy to put up. They can be used to hide unsightly areas or structures in your garden, or make simple divisions or rooms within your garden.

Garden Screening Panels

Until recently these panels or "hurdles" were used as temporary screening between young hedgerows to give privacy; then as and when the hedgerow grew, the hurdle would be covered and eventually rot away leaving no sign of its previous existence. Now with more of us requiring different looks within our gardens the rustic panel has become popular.

It is ideal for creating divisions or hiding unsightly structures.

These are very easy to put up as they only require a round stake to be driven into the ground and the panels/hurdles are wired to the post. The panels can not be cut, so either plan your fence accordingly or you may need to overlap them.

Garden Screening On A Roll

At AVS we have a large selection of rolled screening made from different materials. Each can be used to create a look to fit in with your landscape.

Often these rolls will be used to clad and existing surface to either hide or create a theme, if this is the case then suitable fixings would depend on the substrate material; for example staples could be used or even screws with suitable washers. If using as a stand alone structure, a framework would be required to support the screen. Something to bear in mind is all of the rolled screens are wired together, so it does require good support vertically otherwise the screen will sag between fixings.