Gate Hinges

Gate hinges are incredibly important, because without them you really wouldn't have a gate at all!

These products need to be extremely strong and hard wearing. While the gate that you are hanging may or may not be a particularly heavy one, the frequent use it will get could naturally put extra pressure on the gate hinges it is held up by.

These products are situated in a very pressure sensitive area of the gate so they need to be well secured and up to the job of everyday to high usage. This is also incredibly important for the safety of everyone around it. We have an assortment of sizes and styles of gate hinges, as well as reversible and straight hook and bands. We even have gate hinges in sets where we have included absolutely everything you need for the installation.

Our hard wearing gate hinges are made to be used outdoors where the elements like rain and UV sunlight can take their toll on any metal fixings. Many of the hinges have been galvanised and powder coated, which means they won't rust and become unsightly over time or degrade and fail. This means you won't have to buy another set for many years to come.

If you're looking for gate furniture that would suit a more traditional or period property and that also suits any colour wooden gate, we have a selection of gate hinges for sale which have a lovely black gloss finish. Perfect for giving that special first impression.

So when shopping for gate hinges, or indeed any gates and their ironmongery, come to AVS. We understand that quality means everything to you.