Gate Posts

Gate Posts For The Support You Need...

You will need gate posts when installing all kinds of garden, driveway and field gates. Our attractive selection of hinges bolts and latches and excellent quality garden fence posts mean you can get everything you need in the same place – right here at AVS.

Our field gate and garden gate fittings range from jockey wheels, drop bolts, fasteners and hinges. These gate posts and fittings have all been made to the highest standard of quality, are galvanised and powder coated with a clean steel finish or black zinc plated finish, depending on your chosen option.

All AVS gate posts and fittings, latches, bolts and hooks have been made by highly skilled ironmongers. All fittings are well suited to our range of metal field gates and side gates as well as the timber ranges.

AVS stock solid oak fence posts that are of exceptionally high quality. We keep the popular sizes available in our branches and we can cut these posts to any size you wish in our workshopping facilities. Please call AVS today to order your bespoke oak fence posts.

Our timber treated fence posts that are stocked in a wide range of sizes, are pressure treated and are backed by our amazing 15 year guarantee against rot for added peace of mind.

An assortment of metal gate posts suitable for all of our metal field gates manufactured by IAE, the UK's leading agricultural manufacturer. Our metal field gates can be hung on both our metal and timber gate posts.

The gate posts have gate hinges welded to them. The gate latching post are also complete and ready to use with either a slot to suit the AVS gates which are fitted with a spring bolt, or an auto latch to suit gates that have a D Loop fitted.

Choose the right gate post for your gate

This table is a guide only and assumes the ground is level and in good condition. Feel free to get in touch if you need further assistance.

Gate Type Gate Width (mm) Gate Height (mm) Post Recommended (mm)
5 Bar Gates 915 > 1220 1090 2100 x 125 x 125
1525 > 2130 1090 2100 x 150 x 150
2440 > 4270 1090 2100 x 175 x 175
Driveway Gates 915 > 1220 1220 2100 x125 x 125
1525 2400 x 125 x 125
1830 2700 x 125 x 125
1525 1220 2100 x 150 x 150
1525 2400 x 150 x 150
1830 2700 x 150 x 150
1830 > 2740 1220 2100 x 175 x 175
1525 2400 x 175 x 175
1830 2700 x 175 x 175
Pedestrian Gates 915 1067 > 1220 2100 x 125 x 125
1525 2400 x 125 x 125
1830 2700 x 125 x 125