Gates are one of the biggest product ranges at AVS. We frequently supply top quality garden, field and driveway gates from some of the most sought after brands. Some of those names include Charlton Gates, Birkdale, Grange and Metpost - all of which are proven to deliver excellent value for money.

Garden Gates To Suit Your Needs

Several products in our extensive garden gates range match our popular fence panels to provide you with a complete garden solution. So if you're looking for an instant and hassle free gate purchase and build, choose from any of our overlap, closeboard or picket gates.

If you're in need of a gate that has been built to last, choose one of the attractive products from our website and create the ultimate welcome to your home that you can be proud of.

Here at AVS, we know everything there is to know about gates so can give you all the advice you need.

When considering your build it should be noted that gates up to 1200mm wide are normally hung on simple 'T' hinges and close using a ring latch which may be locked with a bolt for additional security.

Driveway Gates, Both Manual & Automated

AVS are able to provide driveway gates ready for automation. The products in our driveway gate range are similar to manual gates except that the timber is strengthened to allow the automatic gates opening using a motor and remote control. The reason gates have to be strengthened when they are automated is because there is more stress on one particular part of the wooden construction, meaning that without strengthening it can bend and bow over time.

Occasionally a property has a very short distance between the gates and the front of the house and in this instance consideration needs to be given to enabling the driveway gates to be closed after a vehicle has entered the premises. In this situation AVS recommend using a pair of gates as these halve the distance needed to clear any vehicle parked in the driveway.

Another common problem experienced when planning a driveway gate is if there is a slope across the gate opening; this is harder to deal with without re-profiling the driveway. It is likely that a gap will be left under the gate on the lowest side of the driveway as the gate will have to be set level across the opening and can only be lowered to the highest point in the drive. A garden gate can be of any size or style and will generally be manufactured 50mm shorter than the height of the fence to allow a tolerance at ground level for the gate to swing easily without striking the ground.

Traditionally cheap side gates signify poor quality, but our range have got that balance of value for money and durability just right.

Whatever your situation, AVS are here to help with choosing the correct materials and advice on constructing your field, garden or driveway gate.