Geotextile Membrane

Geotextile membrane is another one of those garden and landscaping materials that is not normally visible, but you would soon know about it if you didn't have it!

Suppressing unwanted weeds is what geotextile membrane is used for. When you are building your garden decking for example, you will be surprised at how quickly the weeds will grow up through the tiniest of gaps in your timber decking boards. And because they are growing quite far under the deck, it's an almost impossible job to remove them effectively.

Where else can Geotextile Membrane be used?

Similarly, geotextile membrane is ideal if you are planning a gravelled driveway or any type of garden path using decorative aggregates like shingle. You wouldn't want weeds spoiling all your hard work and having to go to the expense of testing a variety of chemical weed killers around your garden. A gardener's nightmare!

How does it work?

Geotextile membrane is a simple and yet highly effective system. It works by simultaneously suppressing and starving the unwanted plants. It both physically stops the weeds from being able to grow past the heavy duty material, while geotextile membrane also prevents UV light from passing the layer and feeding and sustaining the growth. Really easy to install, you just level the ground, lay out the membrane and secure with fixing pegs or shingle. Easy!

Prevention is always better than cure so if you don't want to have to worry about the hassle of those nuisance weeds growing back year after year, then some geotextile membrane is definitely something you should add to your landscaping plans and shopping list.

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