Grooved Decking Boards

Grooved decking boards have a really attractive look and will make a great addition to your garden. The continuous lines that have been carved into the top of the decking board create a strong pattern that draws the eye. Choose from our excellent range of grooved decking boards including different lengths, widths, thicknesses and patterns.

If you enjoy entertaining or spending time in your garden, decking is a great way of making this a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Popular in private gardens as well as commercial locations, grooved decking will suit any setting it's placed in.

Decking has the ability to transform a landscape, making garden maintenance much simpler. So browse our range of grooved decking boards and get building your new deck.

Our grooved deck boards, or those with a castellated profile, have been formed by carving ridges length ways in the to of the timber. You can choose from a range of designs including grooved and reeded, where the grooves are close together, or the smooth and grooved where you have a combination of both surfaces.

We also stock reversible decking boards that are smooth on one side and grooved on the other.

Despite what you may think, grooved decking boards can be cleaned easily with a stiff long bristle brush or pressure washer on a low setting. Frequent cleaning, treatment and maintenance is the key to keeping it looking great for longer.

Get in touch if you need any assistance with choosing the right products for your new decking.