Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric has a number of different uses around the garden and other outdoor areas. Ideal for use as a base for decorative aggregates, chipped bark or gravel, this material is also extremely good at suppressing weeds.

Landscaping fabric, also commonly known as geotextile membrane, allows water, air and nutrients to penetrate the fabric. It also retains moisture levels without puddling, reducing the need for constant watering.

Where can Landscaping Fabric be used?

Use your landscape fabric to create a gravel driveway, cover heavily used paving or prevent weed growth in an area of your garden. Landscaping fabric is also ideal for lying under decking as it will help stop weeds from growing through the tiniest gaps in your decking boards.

Landscaping material is especially useful in cases like this as structures that cover the ground often make it difficult to remove weeds and plants by yourself.

How does it work?

Landscape fabric suppresses and starves unwanted weeds and plants. It acts as a physical barrier, stopping weeds from growing, and blocks UV light from passing through the layer to feed and sustain growth.

How is it installed?

The process of laying your landscaping fabric is very simple. First level the ground and treat the area with weed killer. Then lay out the fabric and secure with fixing pegs or shingle. Landscaping fabric is extremely durable so you can expect it to last a long time.