Machine Round Sleepers

Machine round sleepers are an attractive garden accessory that will enable you to easily change your landscape – all you need is a little imagination.

Thinking of adding some garden edging but are uninspired by the plain square cut timber that is often used?

You can create something really amazing with these machine round sleepers. Their alternative appearance, quite different to the more traditional railway sleepers that AVS supply, make them the perfect landscaping product for a brand new design.

When we talk about machine round sleepers, the softwood timber has been rounded by passing it through a machine. This gives it its near perfect and smooth rounded edges. This not only makes it pleasing to look at, but also much easier to handle than a sleeper with sharper edges.

It is important to remember that softwood can be used outdoors but it is recommended that they are treated frequently. If you are making raised beds, it would be a good idea to place a layer of landscaping fabric like our geotextile membrane, between the soil and the machine round sleepers.

AVS are experts in all things railway sleepers. We can also boast one of the largest product ranges of sleepers in the UK. If you need advice on using your machine round sleepers or which ones to choose for your projects, contact our expert team – they will be happy to help you.