Metal Driveway Gates

Metal Driveway Gates That Offer A Look Of Class To Your Home

Metal driveway gates from AVS are sure to make the desired impression and would show off your property in the best light. Our new range of double fronted, attractive, black metal gates are manufactured by Metpost.

Metpost are one of the leading metal gate and fence panel manufacturers in the country. They pride themselves constructing quality products that are easy to install and maintain. We have a huge selection here, so you are sure to find a product that will fit your existing gateway opening as a wide range of widths are available to order today that we can deliver to your door. And these gates would also look great as impressive garden gates to display a garden design you are proud of.

Our Metal Driveway Gates Provide Both Aesthetic & Function Benefits

Metal driveway gates age extremely well and any marks can be easily touched up with black paint. These gates are galvanised and powder coated which means they have excellent protection against corrosion and last for decades. The gates can be fitted to your existing brickwork, metal or timber posts and all necessary fittings are included.

Our metal driveway gates are designed to provide style and security and are available in a large choice of designs to suit both modern and traditional properties alike.These handsome steel gates of traditional design will grace the approach to any property from stately home to trendy town house, prestigious offices or public institutions.Metal driveway gates have a smooth opening mechanism meaning they will not feel cumbersome but instead lightweight to anyone operating the gate. Their open panel design will allow in light from outside and will give the impression of more space. And from the curb will not obstruct the view of your property, driveway or garden.

Posts for Metal Driveway Gates

Also available is the metal bolt down gate post which is suitable for use with all metal gates from the range. This post makes hanging your new gate a breeze. The metal post is simply bolted into the ground with no need for the time consuming job of digging holes and mixing concrete.