Metal Fence Panels

Metal fence panels enable you to quickly transform your front garden. Just place them either between, or on top of a wall to get a clean and crisp look!

If you’re looking for a low level garden fence that has a longer lifespan than timber, choosing some metal fence panels are the ideal decorative fence solution. Here at AVS Fencing we have a great selection of metal fencing that includes many different shapes, sizes and styles, made in the UK.

One of the main reasons for choosing metal fence panels over timber is their durability. Timber has an eventual tendency to degrade and while metal can rust, it would take a great deal longer than timber.

Another unique selling point for metal fence panels is their versatility when it comes to positioning. If you have a low level wall you can insert a metal panel into that space. Likewise, these panels can be easily attached to a brick wall or even timber post, making a decorative addition to your property.

When looking for the right metal fence panel you will soon discover that there are a large selection of much more elaborate and elegant designs than you would find with timber. And for almost every metal panel that we supply sourced from the UK you will find a gate to match.

If visibility is important to you or you just want to show off your amazing looking front garden flower display, metal fence panels are ideal because they are unobtrusive and let in the light. They are also easy to maintain and in effect can be painted any colour you wish.