Metal Fence Posts

Many metal fence posts available to buy here at AVS come complete with all the appropriate fittings to join the fence to the posts, such as stretcher bars and wire strainers for mesh fencing.

That's the great thing about AVS - we're a one stop shop. Everything you need in one convenient location.

Stronger and longer lasting than their timber counterpart, metal fence posts require very little maintenance as any scratches or marks can be easily covered with a little black gloss paint. In addition, a further coat of paint may be required during installation to prevent rusting.

Our range of metal fence posts for chain link fencing, sometimes known as angle iron posts are available in a wide variety of sizes. These are steel posts and are used for both chain link and weld mesh fencing. Equally suited for garden or security fencing, angle iron posts cannot rot and therefore are a good, long lasting option.

When installing intermediate posts they should be spaced at approximately 3m (10ft) apart. The angle iron intermediate posts are all pointed, and are installed by simply driving them into the ground. A hole may need to be bored before the intermediate post can be driven in.

Strainer posts (ends, corners and 2 ways) should be spaced approximately 50m (69m maximum) apart. Concreting in posts can be done with either a mixture of ballast and cement (approx. mix; 6:1) or Post Mix. The amount required of either product depends on the size of the hole that the post is going in to.

When concreting metal fence posts into the ground, the posts should be buried approximately 600mm (2ft) deep and the concrete is to be placed around the post and base plate to secure it.