Metal Field Gates

Metal field gates with 'D' loop are standard agricultural and farm gates used in fields with either animals or crops and have become a familiar sight across the English countryside. D loop field gates as well as the other metal gates, require a self locking catch fitted to either a tubular post or a timber gate post.

All of our metal posts in this range have the fittings on ready to go. Just concrete in the posts and hang the gate! You can also use timber gate posts and we supply an excellent range of reliable wooden posts that are backed by our amazing 15 year guarantee against rotting. These posts will you're your field and farm gates up for years to come.

The most popular size of galvanised metal gates for sale is 3m or 3.6m (10ft or 12ft) wide. However, a full range of galvanised metal field gates are available from 900mm to 4.8m (3ft to 16ft) wide.

Our standard range of farm gates are 6 bars, which relates to the horizontal bar construction, and our current design of metal field gates deliberately do not have any diagonal bracing. This makes it friendlier for animals and helps to prevent entrapment of ear tags, tails and limbs.

Our standard six rail gate comes complete with a 'D' loop which will suit a field gate auto latch and for steel tubular post with integral auto latch.

Our range of half mesh gates, which are ideal for smaller livestock, come with a shoot bolt. For this set up we also supply metal tubular slamming post which is slotted to accept the gates shoot bolt or spring bolt.

AVS also have a huge range of hardwood timber field gates and softwood timber field gates for a different look.

Find quality metal gates for sale with AVS. Contact us any time if you need help choosing the right materials for your new field or farm gates.