Metal Palisade

Metal Palisade is the ideal fencing solution for low and high security requirements.

This type of fencing can slope to suit site gradients, as well as offer great strength and durability. It also has the added benefit of providing excellent protection against climbing and cut-through.

StyleGuard Diamond-to-View

There are a number of different palisade solutions available, depending on what you are looking for. One of the styles available is the StyleGuard Diamond-to-View. With this option, the verticals can be in any height up to 2.4m and are made with either blunt, pointed or domed tops.

Verticals for the Diamond to View design can be produced from square hollow section, square-to-view or Diamond-to-View. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials are the Intermediates, Corner and Ends.

StyleGuard Round Tubular

StyleGuard Round Tubular is another metal palisade fencing solution in our range. This is available in flat, rolled steel channel section and also has Intermediates, Corner and Ends available in a range of sizes and materials.

Panels are welded in accordance with BS 1722 Pt9 and can be made to suit your specific requirements, depending on whether you need straight, curved or raked.

StyleGuard Vertical Bar

The final design in our range of metal palisade fencing is the StyleGuard Vertical Bar. These bars can be any height up to 2.4m and made from solid bar round or square, Square-to-View or Diamond-to-View.

Detailed descriptions of each of our steel palisade products are available. Click on a product to find out more.