Metal Railings

Metal Railings - Fencing With Longevity...

Metal railings are an excellent alternative to the more traditional timber fencing panels. In residential properties metal railings are normally installed at a low level either from the ground or on top of a low level brick wall to create contrast.

Metal railings also help to promote the perception of space as the open panel design allows light to shine through and people to see beyond the boundary fencing.

Never out of fashion, metal railings in any style suit most property types. The classic designs would compliment both modern and the more traditional settings and are ideal for both front gardens and in front of office buildings and schools.

When you buy these metal railings you will find that they are very easy to install. They can be fitted using metal posts which are simply concreted into the ground, or bolted on to your low level brick wall.

Maintaining the new clean look is very easy as you simply touch up any scratches or marks with a little black gloss paint. And because they are made from quality galvanised metal that has been powder coated, our metal railings are extra durable and will not rust or degrade after being exposed to the elements for long periods. They will stay looking new for years to come.

Many of our railings and gate products are manufactured by industry leading brand Metpost who are one of the most recognised makers of quality metal fencing products.